Dominium Guesthouse

Relaxing, wine tasting, event hosting – against the scenic backdrop of the Mátra Mountains. The Dominium Guesthouse is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to craft unforgettable memories on their holiday.

About the accommodation

8 hotel rooms, a wine tasting room accommodating 50 people, a conference room for 50 people, a terrace overlooking the Mátra Mountains and a spacious outdoor patio. Here, you can barbecue, use an outdoor oven, or cook over a campfire. If you prefer, you can also request us to prepare meals for you in our own kitchen.

We would like our guests to spend a peaceful and relaxing time in a comfortable, air-conditioned accommodation, which caters to all needs. A refreshing walk around the vineyard and wine tasting accompanied by a gourmet dinner plate will make your holiday memorable.
Feel free to use the sauna house and the jacuzzi at any time of the year.

Keep an eye out for our package deals, or reach out to us for more details.

Since 2019, our winery has been providing accommodations in a modern guesthouse for visitors who come to experience our wines. Individuals desiring relaxation, savoring quality wine, or planning team-building events, celebrating family occasions, or weddings, can find everything they seek at our winery.

Quotations from our guestbook

Mihály N.

“Exceptional wine is crafted with the wisdom accumulated over millennia. It includes everything that lifts a human being to a higher level. Your soul, your heart, the secrets you keep, the dreams you have, the desires you feel and the feelings you desire... Yet, to achieve this, one also requires the collective knowledge passed down by ancestors. I believe you possess all these qualities within you... Thank you for sharing it with us!”

Anikó Sz.

"We were content with everything. Thank you again for the holiday we could spend with you. One can sense the passion and professional attitude you bring to realizing your dreams."